Beyonce’ is Drunk in Love, & You Will Deal

Ok… I don’t know why everything this woman does, is turned into something else. #Lies Yes I do, but we will save that for another post. What I will say is, Pink (the singer), Brittney Spears, Madonna (who is how old) and other female entertainers have been “scantily clad,” in leotards, etc. Yet, they were not called “whores,” or disrespecte for their performances… So why is it an issue with Beyonce’?

Apparently, a journalist wasn’t feeling all of this, and she said that Beyonce’ was a “whore,” and Jay is a “poor excuse of a husband.”

Some/Many felt the performance was too sexually provacative… Others thought it was fantastic, while a small few “weren’t impressed.” I’m a little biased. This new Beyonce’ album is like the soundtrack to my life. I feel like someone knows how my husband makes me feel. Are we in a secret wives club that I don’t know about??? *Searching internet*


Now, I said that, but that doesn’t mean I would have put on a performance as such. (I’m too scary for all that.) However, we have all seen the “Drunk in Love” video. What did you expect?

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Here is a title of an article I found amusing: “Taking it too far: Beyoncé was slammed for her risqué performance at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night by concerned parents who deemed it inappropriate for young children to watch.” First of all, why are your kids watching “The Grammys,” instead of doing their homework or reading a book?  That’s neither here nor there. Beyonce’ is Drunk in Love (with her husband), you will deal. Not to mention, her performance made the song #2 on Billboard…


What is more amusing to me, is that, this woman is on stage with her HUSBAND. Not her “baby daddy,” “long term boyfriend,” etc. They have been married for almost 6 years (time flies). Sometimes in public, I just want to jump all over my husband… I’m too shy for all that though. People were more upset about Beyonce’ s “risque” performance rather than Miley’s “grind fest” with Robin Thicke…. *sips tea*

Moving on…

Beyonce’ has received so heat from her posting the below photos to her Tumblr page:



Apparently, no one else has seen their Mom in her underwear.. #morelies Stop acting like you haven’t seen your Momma’s panties before. This is normal. I don’t see anything wrong with the picture. I know that there will be days where I’m working, being a mother, and trying to get dressed/undressed at the same time. That’s apart of life!

Let these people live. Make sure your house is full of love, laughter, and financial freedom the way that others are. Folks are always judging other people and telling them what they are doing “wrong,” when they don’t even have 6 quarters in their pockets to catch the bus! #imdone

P.S.   Before this post comes to a close, let’s get into how Miss/Momma Tina is looking snatched  to Kingdom Come for her 60th Bday. She looks gorgeous.


Miss Tina is serving, and I’m all the way here for it.

New Beyonce’ Album is the Soundtrack of my Marriage


Despite the numerous videos that have already popped up on YouTube proclaiming Beyonce’s (alleged) allegiance to the “Illuminati,” I will say that some of the songs on her new self-titled album have caught my attention. Now, note, I did not buy this album. However, I have heard most, if not all of the songs, and there are some songs that I can totally relate to. I’m not sure if it is because I can personally relate to some interesting facts:

1.  Jay Z and Beyonce began dating when she was 20. My husband and I dated while I was 22 and I married him a few months shy of my 24th Birthday.

2. I’m from Houston, Texas as well, and yes, I love Popeye’s chicken. LOL

3. My husband and I are the same age difference as Jay Z and Beyonce.

4. My husband and Jay Z were both born on December 4th. (My husband is 4 years younger)

5. We have had miscarriages as well. Yes, it absolutely sucks.

Feb. 17, 2013

I remember watching a video, where Beyonce’ said that Jay Z taught her so much, and he was patient. That was one of the main things that attracted me to my husband. He is so smart, and he teaches me things. There is something so undeniably sexy about a man that has knowledge. Real women don’t want a dummy…

One thing that you can definitely tell from this album is that Beyonce’ is in love with her husband, and their relationship is normal. She speaks of jealousy, wanting to look good for him, and having balance between being a wife, mother, and having a career while still staying true to yourself.


Taking into consideration that Beyonce’ has been dating (and then married) to Jay Z since she was 20-years-old. Sometimes, we don’t realize just how young that is. I have looked back on my life and was like, whoa! I got married at 23 years old. When some girls my age were still shopping for outfits to go to the club, I was looking for movies to watch on Saturday nights with my husband. At the age of almost 29, I think, man I was young then! It wasn’t like I felt like it, because my husband spoke to me like an adult, (and not a child) and he also still allowed me to grow up (and be a little silly).

In today’s society, being a wife looks so boring. It’s like, the fun goes out of the window, and your life revolves around ironing your husbands clothes, reading books to your kids, and maybe watching a movie every now-and-then. Forget that! Especially when women become pregnant, and/or have kids. You don’t feel as sexy anymore, sometimes. Some women don’t feel “the same” (like Beyonce’ said about herself) after the baby. But you want to keep the “spice” going as you did while you were just “boyfriend/girlfriend.”

beyonce 2013 album

After (our 2nd) miscarriage in August 2013, I felt different. This time around, I felt a little lost. I questioned my husbands attraction to me, and I wanted my body back. Going through ups and downs are apart of life, right? But this felt like a rollercoaster in our marriage! Emotions flying everywhere. Being happy (about expecting), and then having that snatched away suddenly depressess the most opitimistic people. If they tell you that they were unbothered, THEY ARE LIEING! (Beyonce’ herself took a year-long break afterwards.)  As months have passed though, things have gotten better.  My husband is so patient.

The above imagery is from the song “Mine,” featuring Drake. This may have a different meaning for others (obviously), but this made me think of how, even as a wife, there are many sides to me. Yet, when I’m with my husband, I can be any of them, because he sees right through me, and he is there no matter which phase of myself is shown. Ultimately, I can be myself around him. No filter. Just Sydne.

Which also takes me to “Flawless.” 98% of the time, I do not have make-up on. I will began a bootcamp for weight loss near the Houston Galleria on Monday, and my husband doesn’t want me to lose a pound or an inch. He likes me exactly the way that I’am. To him, I’am “Flawless.” He does not try to change me, and he excepts me for who I’am, from a young adult “young lady,” to now, a “Grown Woman.”

Jay Z And Beyonce

One of the key things to our marriage, is that my husband and I still “date.” Even if it is in the house, watching Netflix, or a getaway trip out of town, we date. This keeps our marriage from being stale, and we explore life together. No one should die alone, and no one should live alone either.

He also lets me “shine.” He is not intimidated by my success, and he allows me to be my own boss. He does not block me when my light shines. He can walk into a room, and command presence, and he can also take a step back, and allow me to be in the forefront. He is not jealous, and he is my personal “cheerleader.”

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 7.16.02 AM

Ok, (I hope my loving, sweet, saved by baby Jesus that bled, died, and rose from the Cross MOTHER DOES NOT read this) so, let’s talk intimacy. The media has taken “sex” and have made it nasty, raunchy, and down-right disgusting. They have turned it into a “get-rich-quick” scheme. Like, bam! I’m done, and it’s over. No, that is not how it works. SMH God created sex, so obviously it was meant to be good. But it is something totally different, when it is between 2 married people that have gone through so much good & bad, and still want to grow old with one another. It is on another level. I’m not just talking about the physical aspect of it. I find comfort in my husband. That physical bond/connection fills me with a sense of protection, security, affection, understanding, and yes, pleasure.

In the below photo, this is a shot from Beyonce’s album called “Rocket.” It is about sex with her husband, in a more, poetically versed descriptive manner. LOL

The song below is “Rocket” (it is slightly slowed – I live in Houston), and I absolutely love this song. Click the play button to hear “Rocket.”

Jay Z And Beyonce

The album overall gives you a first-hand look into their relationship. Some of the things that they have faced, how they love each other, and raw emotions of relationsips. We are not perfect, neither one of us is an “Angel,” sometimes I get “Jealous,” but you are “Mine,” you are “Flawless,” I’m totally “Drunk in Love” with you, and I will love you until we reach “Heaven.” “XO” Ok, not exactly, but exactly.

Jay Z And Beyonce

Are you married, or in a serious relationship? Is there a song, or album that you would say that describes your current relationship?